Course Description

Effective instruction requires a deep understanding of the content that is to be taught.  The common core curriculum provides the details of what is to be taught but the standards can be hard to understand.  Educators need to sort through the standards, understand the learning outcomes and translate those standards into instruction.  The IEE online course Unpacking the Standards is part one, of a two-part series which supports educators as they deepen their understanding of standards and how they are used to guide instruction. 

Course Distinctives

Just a few of the (many) reasons this course is the right one for you.

  • Teacher-focused

    Develop the skills to connect and teach students by harnessing your best asset -- your own experience!

  • Research-Based

    Learn from leaders and experts through video and guided assessment of peer-reviewed research articles.

  • Hands-on Learning

    Enjoy creative, interactive projects to help solidify concepts and ideas.


  • Explore the benefits of utilizing learning targets with students

  • Learn the process for unpacking standards

  • Identify priority standards and uncover what students are to "know" and "do" by the end of a unit of study

  • Consider assessments, remediation, and enrichment when planning for a unit of study

  • Create an action plan for future units of study

Course curriculum

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Course with CEU's $130 Course with 4 SCECHs is $145